Position 1 
Kurt Anderson
Kurt Anderson.jpg

Anderson, running for Position 1, is a retired NMSU professor with a strong interest in sustainable water use, with service on the boards of local water associations and on the Lower Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Committee.  A long-time Sierra Club member, he is particularly interested in water supply, water conservation and watershed protection, as well as rangeland conservation and restoration in times of drought.

Position 2
Fernando Clemente
Fernando Clemente.jpeg

Clemente, running for Position 2, is a wildlife biologist and owner of New Mexico Specialized Wildlife Services, where he works with public and private landowners to foster wise and responsible land stewardship, with a special emphasis on shared interests like agriculture, wildlife, and natural resources.  An active sportsman and conservationist, he is a board member of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation and board president of the Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.

Position 5
Christopher Cardenas
Christopher Cardenas.jpg

Cardenas, running for Position 5, is an attorney and the owner of a small pecan orchard in Mesilla. He is interested in implementing policies that support community projects like urban gardens and that provide on-going education and land stewardship opportunities for both rural and urban residents.  He wants to make sure our natural resources will be available for use and enjoyment for generations to come.